how do I make money ?

Hi all,
Newbie. I want to have stable money part happening before I can venture into the adventuring/role-playing part. Is there some sort of trip or something that I can do that will have some stable income so I have fuel and food for the next runs. It is ok if it modest and I have to do a few runs to get an officer or two and get equipment on board.

Looking forward for suggestions.

Find the salt lions and carry sphinxstone back to london. If Gaider’s mourne is on the way to the salt lions then carry mushroom wine there for a +3 echo gain per cask. Smuggle cargo for the blind bruiser. DO NOT spend the money he gives you to pick up his cargo on upgrades.

There are not many things you can do early game to ‘stabilize’ income before exploring. Your best bet is to venture out and explore and do the upgrading as you go along.
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One useful windfall you can get early:

Go north to Vanderbight and get the first curater’s quest. Then head north / east until you find Avid horizon. Get the eye, go back to the curator and swap the eye for a captivating treasure. Then go back to London, cash in all the port reports you’ve picked up and sell the treasure for 1000 echoes.

Bear in mind that you need a certain number of fragments for the Hunter’s Eye and be sure to avoid the Lifebergs and Mt Nomad if you are that far north.

By the way there is also a Beginner’s Luck story (a one time event that pops up in some ports) Avid Horizon is one of them. I think there are varying results to what you can get but last time I did it I got a second item for the Curator’s Quest :)
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If memory serves, Avid Horizon’s Luck reward is by far the most valuable, unless you’re desperately in need of something specific that another location gives.