How do I lower the "A Turncoat" menace?

I’ve been playing the A Survivor of the Affair ot the Box storyline and I am at the part where you need to raise the A Boxful of Intrigue. Now my &quotA Turncoat&quot menace has reached 4 and the only way to lower it is to pay 5 fate or all of my Connected:Revolutionaries or a bit of connected:Maters of the Bazaar. Do any of you know any other way to lower it?

Nope! Pretty sure you have to choose one of those options.

Spending C: Revolutionaries is by far the best method, since it can be raised fairly quickly through lecturing openly on the Correspondence in the Forgotten Quarter or the Revolutionaries connected item. It is actually possible to progress without lowering it, but that requires drawing conflict cards.

Thank you

Is there a way to remove turncoat without raising it to 4? I don’t want it cluttering up my sidebar but would rather not raise it just to get rid of it.

Unfortunately you cannot lower Turncoat without bringing it up to 4.

I understand that revolutionaries is a better side to favor than masters, profit wise? What are the rewards for each branch?

Revolutionaries are the more profitable side because one of the options gives Correspondence Plaques.

where do I go to remove my turncoat menace?

You can only remove it when you reach 4 turncoat, on the other hand nothing bad happens until you reach 4 turncoat.

To remove turncoat when it reaches 4 you can either use up alot of connections with the revolutionaries(you need 20 to pick the option IIRC) or one change point of Master connections(or fate, but don’t waste it like that).

Which choice you make determines your new alignment, too, so switching to a new one if you regret your current alignment is easy. It was a little more complicated in the past, requiring you to wait on a specific card to get a point of Turncoat without changing your alignment.

Ah, and the best thing about the Affair of the Box grind is the Jasper and Frank storylet, where the masters path is on top and the revolutionaries is on the bottom; it’s the opposite of every other storylet in the carousel. I’ve found myself accidentally helping Jasper and Frank before I realize what I’m doing many a time. Then, of course, I have to switch back to the revolutionaries, so there’s 2 points of turncoat!
Then I go to the next storylet, where the revolutionaries are back to being the top choice, and still think it’s the Jasper and Frank one, so I flip back to the masters. I have to fix it again, bringing me to turncoat 4.
I usually just get to revolutionaries 20 with the red feather pin to fix it, which isn’t ludicrously expensive. It’s still pretty annoying. I’m learning to avoid the Jasper and Frank storylet, but sometimes when I’m on autopilot…