How do I hide part of my post behind a cut?

I want to post a short fic, but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the SPOILER tag properly. I did it thus:


When I looked at &quotRecent Posts&quot my entire post was visible. Sorry to anyone who happened to see it before I deleted it.

You seem to have worked it out, the spoiler tag in this post at least shows properly! :)

Note that you can only use one spoiler box per post. Maybe that was the problem?
edited by phryne on 2/13/2021

Also, the spoiler tag does nothing when viewing the post on a mobile device.

Ah, I didn’t know that.

Ah, I didn’t know that.[/quote]

I had no idea! That’ll be it then. I only ever use a tablet. I don’t have a modern computer that works, haven’t for like 5 years now. I figure a lot of people exclusively access the site from a smart device. Am I wrong?

So, glad I was using the tag right. But I still feel weird about posting when all the mobile users have no way to avoid spoilers. By now do you suppose people who want to avoid spoilers just realize they shouldn’t view the forums on mobile?

That &quotall spoilers will be visible on mobile&quot would be a nice thing to see noted in a pinned post, IMHO.

There’s a link in the footer to switch to the full version. I clicked it and now I can’t figure out how to switch it back. :-(

I had to relaunch my browser. There doesn’t seem to be an easier way.

On the plus side, now I can view the forum from my tablet with spoilers hidden! Thanks.

Ah, I didn’t know that.[/quote]

I didn’t know that either–thanks! I often play the game on my phone or tablet, but I almost always read the Forums on my computer.