How do I get to Wilmot's End?

So I decided to make myself a Zubmarine, and the components are just this side of sweet-holy-Jesus expensive. I heard they’re cheaper in Wilmot’s End, but I have no idea how to get there. Help?

…While I’m asking directions, how do I get to Flute Street?

What’s your shadowy? You unlock it through an opportunity card that appears when you have shadowy 110 and also have connected The Great Game.

Ohhhh. Yeah, that’d do it; my Shadowy’s in the seventies.

Flute Street requires 25 Fate, but if you’ve got that then you just need to complete all of the University content (the ending you get doesn’t matter) and then solve the Glim-Sculpted case. The opportunity card you get after solving it will allow you to spend your Fate to unlock the way to Flute Street.

If your Persuasive can reach 110 or higher, there’s an alternate way in via the ‘FIND NEW STORIES’ option in your lodgings.

Speak to the Bohemian Sculptress and select the option about a Missing Woman in Wilmot’s End.

Note that of you haven’t yet gotten your scholar of the Correspondence to 7 yet, the card which unlocks Flute Street will give a point of SotC.