How do I get more Starveling Cats?

I’m trying to get a few more cats… is there a trick to getting these? If anyone’s got some they don’t care to have anymore, I’d really appreciate getting a few of them!

Yes. There are topics in the Singing Mandrake specifically for that:
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I’ll happily send one on, once you get back from… wherever you are.

How many are you hoping to acquire? (And, out of curiosity, for what purpose? ^_^ )

You can purchase Starveling Cats in the Soul and the Number storylet, but Deep-Zee Catches and Baptised Rattus Faber Corpses are hard to come by. The easiest way to obtain a Baptised Rattus Faber Corpse is to fail the rob &quotA furious and incoherent drunken rat&quot in Spite. Unfortunately, this is a relatively easy challenge, but you can try stacking the Talkative Rattus Faber with your already purchased set of organs for a total modifier of -40 Shadowy. If your Shadowy is already too high, this option is unfortunately closed.

You can trade 77 Brilliant Souls for a Starveling Cat as well, which means you need at most 308 Brilliant Souls to fully stain yours. Depending on your current resources, that may not be attainable, but you can try upconverting some of your Tier 1 and 2 items and converting your Tier 3 items. That being said, in a few weeks, you’ll have another use for Tier 3 items.

And while it’s less efficient, I still have fond memories of playing games with the Fisher Kings, which offers a 1/130 chance of obtaining a Starveling Cat.

[quote=Kittenpox]How many are you hoping to acquire? (And, out of curiosity, for what purpose? ^_^ )[/quote]I would wager from past experience 4 Starveling Cats for Seeking (3 to sacrifice and 1 to keep for managing UP).

Thank you all for the replies!

If you require a Starveling cat, I have a spare (as I am unlike to ever Seek the name) - but if you’ve already found the four you’re after I wish you the best of luck in your ‘adventure’. :-)

(Send me a message in-game if you would like the thing, Drak! ^_^ )
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