How do I get more advanced professions?

[li]I have gotten the maximum benefit from all 4 of the novice professions. Will opportunities to get more advanced professions come along, or do I have to do something?

All of the faction cards have offers for Professions on them. They all require that you don’t currently have a Profession, have (I think) Connected: [whatever faction] 20, and usually one other story-related condition. If you meet all of the requirements, you can claim a second tier Profession. Find one you like and enjoy.

Also note that from second tier on Professions advance in a chain (i.e. Watcher to Agent to Midnighter) so choose wisely if you’re shooting for a specific advanced Profession. Also be warned that when you accept your new Profession from a faction, it will tank your Connected with them. Such is the price for advancement…

Good luck![li]
edited by The Dark Gentleman on 11/18/2014

The required connection level in each case is 25, actually.

And since you already do, that can only be rectified by going to your lodgings and choosing &quotWrite letters&quot, which is far from obvious, and caused me a fair bit of confusion when trying to advance.

Thanks to you all, those are all very helpful replies. I love this forum!

Personally I would hold off writing that letter until you have the Faction card you need for your chosen profession in your hand.