How do I get a Grubby Kitten?

Basically, I’ve grown an unhealthy addiction for pets, and I have the Starveling Cat, one Parabolan Kitten (Thanks to both people who gave them to me!), a Lucky Weasel and the Respectable Slug Pedigree thing. Now my next step is a Grubby Kitten.

You can get the Kitten from Watchmaker’s Hill, only if you don’t have a Slug. Or any other pets from the same storyline.

So, like… What do I do with the Slug?

To get the kitten, I mean.

Get rid of the Slug when its card appears.

Sadly for pet-lovers everywhere, there’s a large number of mutually exclusive ones… each faction has their own ‘Faction Pet’, which includes the Racing-Slug (society) and the Grubby Kitten (Urchins). There’s also the Three Lucky Pets - the Salt-Weasel, the Haunted-Looking Dog and… ehm… the Rubbery Euphonium, which doesn’t seem very pet-like at all if you ask me, but it IS categorized as such. If you have one of those three, the cards to get the other two will simply never appear.

Estelle says I should get rid of the Slug when its card appears-- Is it an opportunity card or…?

Yes it is an opportunity card, one of the options will let you get rid of the slug. Then all you need to do is go to Watchmaker’s Hill and choose another pet, if you have enough connection with the appropriate faction. For the kitten that is Urchins 5.

Oh, shoot. I only have Urchins 2!

Fear not; it is easy enough to raise your Urchins connection to 5, at least. You should be able to do so at the Carnival for the price of a few tickets.

1 Carnival ticket and 2 actions at the Sideshows will get you enough connected urchins. That is probably the quickest way to do it.

Oh, damn, you literally meant quick.

That method is good to get most connections up to 10 or so. After that you can use the connection items from the Bazaar and the appropriate resource to take you up to 20. Don’t worry you only ever need to get one of each and to be honest most of them aren’t worth it as you will quickly go past 20 in game depending on which options you play.

Edit - the only two I actually ever use are the Oriental Primer for the Widow and the Endowment of a University fellowship. But I often cash in my widow for Strong backed Labour (on the Docks/Widow conflict card) and use my University connections for conversions.
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To update you on Melancholy, I wrote a risque note to a devil and I’m not sure if you told me to do that or NOT to do that…

I wouldn’t have done that - unless you wanted to start the story that will probably end up with you losing your soul to a devil.

Can’t I like, discard that story or something??? D:

You could try writing a sharp note on the same card. I think that lowers your intimate of devils whether it takes it to 0 or not I don’t know. Other than that losing your soul some other way works.

Wait, what happens when is lose my soul?

Not that much really. You find that some areas are closed to you (mainly at the university), but overall nothing much changes. There are ways to recover your soul, but it usually takes some time.

And losing your soul isn’t inevitable. They will ask and you can say no. You won’t lose it without realising.

They are very likely to keep asking, though. sigh