How do I get a "Destiny" I feel suits me?

I’ve had the most d–nable luck trying to make my own destiny something that does not contrast with my nature as trying to be an expert in both Social and Intelligent Professions and Hobbies in the Neath, I’ve fled and waited a few months to came back to the Neath so many times to change my name and Destiny as well as be forgotten by most everybody in the Neath that I’ve lost track of my record. I’ve near really made a name for myself in the Neath or picked up any fancy Trinkets ever, so thankfully it was easy to fade into complete obscurity everytime, but this time I do not want to flee due to Destiny giving me the short end of the stick…

So, is there any advice to sway Destiny and Lady Luck in my favor that you know of, my fellow Londoners? (Watchful or Persuasive would be nice!)
edited by Naomi Barlett on 12/11/2016

This should help!

Thanks for the help! That link helped me choose a Destiny that I liked, now hopefully I wont have to look to the future and ponder way more than needed(aka read more spoilers anytime soon…).

You cam back almost 6 years later to edit your post to thank Suinicide for the Destiny guide!That’s very impressive! Welcome back to the Neath!

And with this occasion I found out that editing also bumps your post.

Was actually trying to delete these tbh. Didn’t know it bumped them… oh well.