How do I get a Boneless Consort?

I’m in possession of Peculiar Personal Enhancement (had it for a very long time, actually), but no opportunity card for wooing a consort comes up. Am I missing something?

I don’t have one myself, but I believe I’ve seen the option on an existing Rubbery Man card. “A Rubbery Man lopes purposefully in your wake”, I think?

I get only two options - “Lure the creature into a quiet alley…and end its miserable rubbery existence” and “Give it the Amber”

are you suuuuure? I get three options. those two, and “consent to a potentially depraved union.” unlocked with enhancement and person of some importance.

I had that option, and I think I took it, and it’s not there any more. It didn’t give a Boneless Constort, though.

Also, it seems that I’m not the only one having this problem:

Are you… already Committed?
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I didn’t have one when I acquired a Peculiar Enhancement, bur recently I commented myself to Cultured Attaché. Does having a companion completely prevents Boneless Consort card from even appearing?

You can’t be committed to two, er, entities at once, but as I hooked up with the boneless consort I don’t know if the card itself is sealed off. It would seem odd if it were.

The prerequisite for the opportunity card is to have a piece of warm amber. Without that no rubbery man will ever lope purposefully in your wake.

If you’re Commited, you’ll have to divorce, yeah. London may be sunk into the underworld, be a neighbour to Hell, and be ruled by inhuman omnipotent entrepreneurs, but it will not consent to polygamy! Best get those legal documents ready.

Erm, I am not in possession of any peculiar enhancements, but I am committed and I think I see the problem. I think the card you want is “A limping figure in a top hat beckons” not “A Rubbery Man lopes purposefully in your wake”. That’s the one I see the romantic solicitation on anyway. They’re right though that if you’re committed you probably won’t be able to progress with it. Again though, I haven’t got any such sort of enhancement, so I could be entirely wrong.

They both have romantic solicitations, one a fling, the other a lasting union… but, yes, only for single Fallen Londoners.

Other options to pursue a companion also disappear once you are committed (e.g. my “Remember the Honey-sipping Jewel Thief” card only has the Ignore Him option now), so I imagine that’s the problem.
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Not in my case - I constantly get get companion cards, even though I’m committed. They just have an option to woo the companion locked out, but option to refuse them available. This is what confused me.