How do I find other people on the Android version?

Hello :)

This isn’t the first time I play Fallen London, and I loved and played Sunless Sea to death.

For some reason though I never liked the concept of a browser game. On my phone it’s different though, and I love to play during my long daily commutes :)

I’m having issues, though. Where am I supposed to look to find other players, find friends, expand my social list and my acquaintances? I can’t find any tab or anyone else at the moment. Sure, I could search for names, but that would be kind of random.

Also, how do I make friends? Do I just add random people? :(

I believe this is one of the problems with the app version. I guess you’ll just have to wait until it gets sorted out.

You should look for friends on this forum! They helped me a lot.

You should write down your character name, too!
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True! Good idea. My character is a distinguished gentlema… no… gentlelady? Mhm, nah. Gentlething, down on is luck, and skulking between Spite and the Flit.

Maybe not so gentle after all now that I think about it. But its name is &quotDark Blot&quot.
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