How do I connect Sunless Sea to my profile?

[quote=empirimancer]Ugh. A net loss of 5 echoes and 5 actions? Cruel, cruel card.[/quote]The only somewhat good outcome of that was that I now have enough Phosphorescent Scarabs to commission two Whirring Contraptions, whereas before I didn’t have enough for a single one. A highly dubious silver lining. Mostly an ugly cloud, laughing at me for trying to save time at Wilmot’s End.

Yeah, I tried the action twice and got scarabs both times. That is quite the “success,” FailBettter.

What happens if you link it to an account then delete said account? Do you lose the extra stories in Fallen London if you make a new account with the same email adress or do the just transfer over?
edited by Dandridge on 7/24/2014