how do I backup my savegame and where is it ?

Hi all,
I am on a windows xpsp2 machine. I want to backup my savegame. Can somebody help me locating as to where it is and tell/share how to backup it.

Umm… found it. It’s at C:\Documents and Settings\jivan40\Local Settings\Application Data\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\saves\Autosave.json

But I don’t know if that’s the only file I need to save. The .json file is only 65 Kb big.

I know this is against the spirit of the game and the rogue-like genre but I need to understand the game. Once I know then I could turn the cheat back off.
edited by jivan40 on 2/12/2015

You can just manually save you know, the invictus token doesn’t actually DO anything.

but yes that’s the file; 65kb plenty of size for a save game there’s not actually that many bits of data to save.

You will notice that file game will grow as you play, becaming in the range of 1 mb, howver it’s really much more easy to use manual save, as WormApotheote just said.

I think he’s saying “backup” when he means “carefully alter for more echoes and things”