How can i get the Panther?

Dear Guy’s,

Is there a Wiki or Step by Step Guide?

I did not bake the Game on Kickstarter but i consider buy the Game via Humble Store.

The Kickstarter Tier tells me i can get the Panther by Playing Fallen Londom can someone aid me please?



The Panther is, at this point, only available to Kickstarter backers! It may be available as DLC at some point in the future. But, if you befriend someone who has a Panther in Fallen London, they may send you one of their pet’s Kittens, which can also be imported into Sunless Sea.

Thanks so far.

Cant i start playing Fallen London by myself to get the Kitten/Panther?

Not as such, I’m afraid - there are only a set number of Panthers, and they all belong to certain Kickstarter backers. Kittens can only be found two ways - through having a Panther, or through being sent one by someone else. But, if you post to the Adoption Agency thread with a polite request, and include the username of your Fallen London account that’s linked to your Sunless Sea game, I’m sure some will have a kitten you can adopt!

Thanks man ! i will do !

But another Question, if i dont have Sunless Sea so far and someone send me a Kitten can i still link it after i purchase Sunless Sea?

Absolutely - once you have a kitten, you can play with it, which adds a quality to your account that can be used any time down the road to add the bonus in Sunless Sea!


but so far im unlucky with adopting a Kitten =( hopefully somebody has soon a hearth =)

This is probbly a silly question, but giving someone a kitten in Fallen London won’t give them a Sunless Sea kitten, correct?

I’m finishing grinding for goat today, so I’ll start helping my panther. So more kittens available in circa a week from today. :-S


but so far im unlucky with adopting a Kitten =( hopefully somebody has soon a hearth =)[/quote]

You just have to be patient. I haven’t gotten a kitten yet either and I posted in the thread pretty much as soon as it was made. :P You’ll get one eventually.

I haven’t even gotten the option to give a kitten yet! It takes a while, they don’t generate overnight even if you follow the panther card options in FL. It’s a living story.

I have a question. Can the Panther have kittens more than once? I have a kitten already, but I’m curious about how the kitten business works. (In Fallen London, that is, not in real life.) :-)

I’m pretty sure they can. I read on the forums that you raise Spoor to 3 using options on certain connection cards, leave her alone with her mate, and you’ll get 3-5 kittens when Time, the Healer comes.

Note that there are two possible results from playing with the kitten. One gives the quality, but the other does not.

When I first used the kitten, I had the story with a mirror, which is not the one that gives the quality. Only after seeing someone else mention that there were two results to playing did I go back and get the result which gives the metaquality.

May I ask for a kitten if any of you have one available and aren’t swarmed with friends asking already?

This thread is where you request kittens.

Would be nice if you dont forget about us then =)

This may be an odd question, I just got my Panther (hurrah) but ah how do I make it show up in Sunless Sea? I mean the email address I use for Sunless Sea is the same as I use for Fallen London but do I have to tell the two to talk to each other or something?

You get it on your next play, after checking for updates, I believe? -After the next game update, it seems.
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Im not sure but so far i dont got one :-(