How can I gain Connected: Benthic?

I’m working my way through the Light Fingers Ambition and I’ve reached a point where I have to go to the university to have a treasure assessed. To do that I need Collated Research, which are created from Visions of a Distant Shore and require Connected: Benthic. The tool tip for the connection says that I can raise it either purchasing an Endowment from the Bazzar, or by turning in archaeological finds. Both of these options require a Benthic connection to begin with though. After weeks of grinding for tens of thousands of candle stubs to unlock the University and gather the required Visions, raise the echoes to buy the endowment, and raise my watchful stat high enough to do archaeological digs. I’m starting to feel frustrated that i was all a waste of time and now I at a loss on how I’m supposed to get the connection? The wiki isn’t very helpful in showing where I should be focusing my efforts, so I thought I’d ask on here. Can you help point me in the right direction?

You can gain Benthic connections in the University itself. How far into the University content have you gone?

You can also get Collated Research in Wilmot’s End or as a reward for certain professions.

There aren’t really any options open to me at the university itself, just Shadowy Dealings (I guess because my Shadow skill is high) My Watchfull skill is at 70 with gear. What sort of skill range is appropriate for the Uni?

Ah, I see what the problem is. You need Watchful 80 and to be a Scholar of the Correspondence to get into the University content. Shadowy Dealings is open regardless, but you need to be more Watchful to do more there. You need to go on an Expedition for the Tomb of Seven in the Forgotten Quarter, and explore the new options available to you after successfully doing so.

Ok, thanks. At least I’ve got the grind for items out of the way. Guess I’ll plunder the Forgotten Quarter for loot and levels for a while.

As a note, you’ll need a ship soon, so you need to become a Person of SOme Importance, which requires 100 in all stats (after modifiers, checked individually so you can change between the checks)
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[li]Dearest friends–

[li]I am annexing this message to this older thread because it does aptly summarize my plight–with one minor alteration. I have been banned from the university. So I cannot go there to become connected to Benthic. I am attempting to organize a salon and need to be connected. Is there any way to accomplish this? Or is this simply foreclosed.

[li]My thanks to you,

[li]Hepzibah Gordon


You need to regain access with voyages of scientific discovery. About 500 pages of each type should do it.

My thanks. That was also on my list of priorities, but I shall move it to the top.


Hepzibah Gordon


Alternatively if you have one University connection and the connected item, you can trade in a whole lot of that one’s connections for one CP of the other to unlock the options for building it up.