How are there any working craftsmen with LB around

Thread title sums up my question pretty well. LBs make stuff in a way that’s just plain better than what any human craftsman or artisan could produce. How, then, have they not completely taken over the economy of the neath? How is there still a market for items manufactured by, well, people, when rattus faber, by default, can make the same things but markedly improved?

Their stuff is probably much more expensive.
There is always a market for cheaper, substandard goods.

Everything is subject to the Masters, right? So one assumes they prefer to encourage human craftsmen and restrict rat craftsmen.

– Mal

The LBs also tend to be a little opposed to being &quotratted&quot and plenty of people prefer rats to be dead, even if they’re decent crafters. I imagine there’s some very literal &quotclass warfare&quot involved between the LBs and society at large.