House of the Question missing?

Since today’s patch the House of the Question never seems to be available at Whither. Did it move? is there something special needed to trigger it? Is it bugged?

Do you have the Stone, Storm & Salt quality? (Or is it Storm, Stone & Salt? Anyway, it’s all three of them and they’re in one order or another.) I’m pretty sure you need it to see the House, and I’m always surprised when I take a new captain there without it and can’t find anyone to pray to.

There’s a quality (might be the one Fred mentions) that covers general knowledge of the Gods of the 'Zee, as opposed to just the attention of a specific god. You need that.

Yeah, pretty sure you need to have your “introduction” to the Zee’s theology 101 course before you can really go to school in Whither.

I’d just started a new Captain and forgot about the requirement >.>