House of the Question - did it move?

I’ve been hit with Salt’s curse, so I went to Whither to visit the House of the Question but it seems that it’s no longer available. Did it move, or is this a bug?

I’m not aware that it moved, and in any case it would contradict established lore for it to be elsewhere. Did you spit on the ground and defy the gods before?

I didn’t see it there with a new captain, but an older game still had it - does it matter if you have SAY?[li]

As far as I know you need the Gods Attention to be able to access The House of the Question, so check your journal, … and you need to have everything necessary to lift the curse to see the option when you are cursed.

But I haven’t been up there myself with my latest Captain, need to soon as I just got the God’s Attention.

oh, that makes sense. I’ll sail back there to check as soon as I get that event - normally it pops up pretty soon.[li]

SAY doesn’t make it available. I didn’t defy the gods either. As far as needing attention, I have a glut of it - in my “The Gods of the Zee” section there’s Salt’s Attention, Salt’s Curse, Stone’s Attention, and Storm’s Attention.

I think that it’s something that happens on new captains. Maybe you never get the requisite Story triggered. I checked the wiki - which is probably out of date now (well, more than it was before) and it says that the prerequisite is “Stone, Storm and Salt” (The Gods of the Zee: Stone, Storm and Salt - Official Sunless Sea Wiki). I have the favors, and curse, but nothing by that name.

I also have the secrets and story I’d need to remove Salt’s Curse.
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That’s…yeah, I dunno. All I can say is that this sounds like a bug, because I have it too and nothing was mentioned as another way of finding the temple.[li]

You can gain Attention through the three sisters, but it doesn’t give you the quality ‘Storm, Stone, and Salt’ which you need to see the House of the Question. Other things involving the gods do.

Which events? I’ve had so far the sailor cursing me for Salt’s Curse as well as the sailor setting up a shrine to salt for Salt’s Attention. Neither of them have given me the quality.

EDIT: From the &quotA sailor wants to join your crew&quot event.
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Storm Stone and Salt comes from an early game random event at Zee. It also gives one of the Gods attention - something falling from the roof for Stone; a zee bat for Salt and I can’t remember what the event is for Storm.

You can get the individual gods attention by various means - the sisters at Hunter’s Keep; Salt by taking on a zailor during SAY events at certain ports; you can get Stone at Abbey Rock and Storm in Whither and once you have &quotStorm, Stone and Salt&quot you can buy any of the Gods Attention in The House of the Question.
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You find a diamond in your food for Stone; the roof falling event is for Storm, that grumpy thing.[li]

Thanks for clearing that up fortluna - I guess my memory isn’t that great :) But is something that happens only once per captain.

BTW I have no idea if the event will pop up if you already have one of the Gods Attention and would actually like to know but am not brave enough to risk finding out for myself.

Yes, it will.


In order to view The House of the Question interaction you need to have The Gods of the Zee: Stone, Storm and Salt ≥ 1.

Regarding the wiki, all leftmost ports are currently up to date, excluding Fallen London. I double checked before posting this if anything had changed.