House of Chimes, Private Rooms Invite

I am currently issuing invites to a perfectly respectable, chaperoned luncheon in the Private Rooms of the House of Chimes. I am preparing a surprise for my beloved, who is away at Zee, and just hope my Mantlepiece will take the weight. The luncheon will be mutually beneficial, without further obligations. Please contact me, here or at home, if you can spare the time. I am trying to be cautious in overburdening my friends and associates. My sincere gratitude towards all those who can help. If any generous soul would care to invite me for a luncheon, that can be deemed above reproach, I would be very pleased to accept.

DragonRidingSorceress always delights in invitations.

I have added you to my contacts, but you seem to be ‘Unavailable for this Invitation’. Sorry I’ll keep check my list and invite you when you are feeling better/have your liberty/have acquired some sanity. Many thanks.

I’m generally open to all invitations, so if this will help you, feel free to contact me.
edited by Szadovar on 6/9/2015

Angus Turner will be happy to attend.

I was most delighted by your invitation, Lady Snotra, and should you find yourself throwing further soirées I should be most delighted to be considered for your guest lists – as my schedule permits, of course. In the meantime, do not be alarmed if you soon find yourself browsing the bookshops and stumble upon a character in a novel who bears much resemblance to yourself.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all who attended my ‘little luncheons’. I was able to greet my returning Zailor Lover with such joy that the poor chap was fair blinded by the 450 beaming smiles on my mantlepiece.
edited by Snotra on 6/11/2015