House of Chimes & Monthly story


I have a question:

I don´t have yet chosen a reason why I am invited to the House of Chimes, I wanted a better flavor text than being innocent or the basic ones.
I have spoken to the banker and it said I can meet him in the House of Chimes. Is the quest &quotstored&quot there now after I have done that or will it be gone after this month? Is there anything I´m missing out on if I postpone the admittance a bit?

The quest is &quotstored&quot once you play the option in the house of chimes. you can postpone that choice until next thursday. There aren’t any other time sensitive things in there.
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There are two storylines and various options available once you’ve chosen your guest quality, but those are all available as long as you are an Exceptional Friend. The Exceptional Stories are only there during the month they are released, but as said they don’t require choosing your reason for admittance and once the first option is played they are unlocked and accessible elsewhere once the month is over.

So as it is now the quest would vanish? Too bad, guess I will have to settle for one of the less exciting reasons

Edit: Ninja´d. So the first option in this case is the evening spent with the banker? And the quest is sitting in the House regardless of time now?

Basically you both say the opposite so I am confused
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The quest will vanish in 12 days. Until then it is sitting in the house.

Optimatum says you don’t need to select a reason for admittance to play the story. I don’t know anything about that. I already had my reason.
You also get a few more stories once you choose your reason. Those will always be there, so you don’t need to hurry for them.
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Ah ok now I get it. I didn´t see that I could click the story without chosing the reason for admittance first, that´s why I was confused. I thought to do anything in the House I had to chose the reason first.

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You can also change your reason for admittance later on, at the cost of a few fate.

And for the record, I don’t believe there is any significant mechanical or story difference between the different options. It’s mostly just for roleplaying and bragging rights.

There is some fun stuff in there, including a new social action that lets you invite people to hang out in the club with you.
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Specifically you can change the reason for 30 fate iirc. There’s basically no difference between any of the options, though I heard some rumor a while back that the option costing one fate unlocks an option in some story, probably one of the generic House of Chimes ones.

It just give you one more option during the PoSI starter loot - equal in value to other options and mostly for flavor.

I’ve got an alt with exceptional friendship who is POSI and still hasn’t been admitted to the House of Chimes. They know which option they want to choose but haven’t got everything they need yet.

As long as you play the option in the House of Chimes before the last Thursday of the month (when the next EF story is released) you can take as long as you want before continuing that month’s story.