Horsehead Amulet

I’ve been trying to die, but it turns out that the horsehead amulet automatically protects you, breaking and lowering your wounds when you reach eight. I would much rather have had a choice and been able to keep it for a time when I am not actively aiming for a trip on the slow boat. I now took a shortcut, but I wanted to warn others.

same thing happened to me last week.
…and now I’m almost dying and could really use that amulet.

Yeah, I don’t want to sell my amulets every time I try to die.

Given the rarity of the Horsehead Amulets, and that sometimes there are game reasons to go meet the boatman, I think it makes a lot of sense gamewise for this to be an option. I.e. if your wounds hit 8 you go to a storylet which gives you the option of either using your amulet (if you have one) or go directly to the boat.

If you need to meet the Boatman I wouldn’t bother raising wounds. After needing to go to the river recently (Bag-A-Legend) I found out that using the Carnival mirror does not use the Horsehead Amulet.

Can you meet the boatman if you are playing K&C and have iron tokens? In the past he would take my iron tokens and kick me out of the boat. Even harder to prevent than the amulet problem.

Well he did take my Iron Tokens but I still spent some time on the boat. I am in the Moon League, when I play K&C, don’t know if that makes a difference.

Lady Ceil, do you by any chance know whether meeting the boatman via the carnival counts as &quotdying&quot in the technical sense? I’ve never actually died you see, and I seem to have a bit of an aversion to the whole idea.
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If you meet him you have died. Actually my first Neathy Death was via the mirror in the Carnival but death isn’t too bad. The Boatman is worth meeting I think and who wants to return to the surface anyway :)