Horror Victorianorum

I just found out about this concept called Horror Victorianorum. Apparently there’s enough people who dislike the Victorian era that theres a name for there hatred. I mean sure there was child labor, rampant prostitution and serial killers but all and all I think the Victorian era was pretty cool. Does anyone else want to chime in here?

I’ve never heard of it, but it’s my belief that just about every era has folks who will find some reason to nostalgically yearn for it. Especially if they never actually lived in it themselves. I think it’s kinda silly to voice hatred for a bygone era. I mean, it’s kinda bygone, it’s not around anymore and we’ve move past. If you dislike how often it’s used in media then you could oh, I dunno, look at one of the hundreds of thousands of media NOT set in that time period, maybe?

In my experience, most Horror Victorianorum are interior designers. They tend to view Victorian era design as stogy, antiquated and uninspired. They often prefer ultra modern style with lots of hard right angles for babies to hit their heads on.

edited by Nigel Overstreet on 7/30/2012

I’d say nothing much has changed since then, it’s only gotten more itself. Industrial capitalism? The same, but more so. Democracy? The same, but more so. Women making their way in businesses and professions? Labour disputes and outsourcing? Electronic communications? Public morality and private indulgence? Nothing’s changed. Perhaps it never does. That’s one of many reasons I love the era - it’s like the first draft of now, with all the rough edges intact. (I’d challenge the association with prostitution and serial killing, too - I’m willing to bet that there are more prostitutes and serial killers today than there were then, and, besides, one’s an honest trade and the other’s a ghastly crime.)

Yeah, I’m tired of the ladies of negotiable affection tarnishing the good name of honest serial killers who are just trying to make a profit. Really, murdering makes you a lot of cash…we make a killing!

There’s an East End/serial dismembering/organ removal/low profits/“Jack the Ripper did it for the 'art” joke in there somewhere.

Sounds like a Python sketch.