Horror didn't reset upon returning to london?

Just had a frustrating experience: upon barely making it to london with my crew’s sanity intact (a frightening 97 Horror), I docked in london and it just… didn’t go down. Worse, I looked through all the tabs in the inn, admiralty, and london proper, and couldnt find an option to reset it. If it helps, my benefactor grabbed me as soon as I came into port to talk about payment.

It’s also entirely possible i didnt have A Story Awaits You, I had just stopped to visit the 3 sisters and some stuff transpired there… I was going to another port to check if getting that quality back would reset my horror, but on the way back from that port my crew mutnitied and i lost, which was pretty frustrating since it was a long and successful run until then.

Is this a bug or a mechanic I just don’t know about? Please help

I just had a similar experience. I found that returning from longer journeys allowed my terror to reset so I’m assuming its tied to ‘A story awaits you’

You could always switch on merciful mode if you think it might be just about to go all wrong!

It is tied to &quotsomething awaits you,&quot yes. This is and is not a good thing, because while you need it for a terror reset or officer, if you have a job from the cheery man and don’t have his stuff, stopping back in London when you have SAY means you’re gonna have a bad time.
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Ick, they should change it then. The point of going to london is being able to sleep off your horror, since it doesnt reduce it below 50 theres no reason it shouldnt do it every time