Horizon Codex

I have it now. How do I use it to increase pages? And am I able to pass it on to my scion?

It’s a persistent legacy, so every captain of your lineage thereafter will have it as well. There are actions you can take that will end your lineage, but I believe they are clearly signposted.

So just having it in my journal gives me a +25 to pages?

In your journal? Not in your hold as a curiosity?

I believe you simply right-click the Codex and then click “Use”. That should take you to the menu to increase Pages.

I can’t appear to use it OR the Boke of Sharps anymore… I can only Assay them.

The use button on the codex and my other legacy item appear to have vanished with the latest update. Not sure if bug or feature.

Yeah, me too. Also, if I do the easter egg thing with the sphinxstone a second time, I get a second of that legacy item. Whoops?

You can only use them when you start a new captain, I haven’t done that recently as I downloaded from HumbleBundle and don’t seem to have the most recent version of Sunless Sea. I hope that reading them still works but that initial +25 is useful anyway.
edited by reveurciel on 2/8/2015

OK started a new captain and can no longer read the Codex:(

That is a pity as it is so hard to raise Pages and that extra 10 for reading it was very useful. Now I wonder if it is worth bug reporting or if it is intended behaviour.