Hopelessly lost?

Dearest friends and fellow Fallen Londoners,
I have found myself in a most trying ambition that I am quite certain I shall never finish (and even if I do, I am no longer interested to be very honest). Is there a way to exit an ambition once you’ve started it? Currently I am stuck in Heart’s Desire and without thinking I sold every single first city coin in an attempt to purchase something else to further my means in the world below.

I apologize if this was a silly question that has an answer staring me dead in the face, alas I simply cannot figure it out.
Thank you in advance for any help.

EDIT: Thank you Suincide and to everyone else who kindly sent me the coins! I appreciate it!
edited by Lady K on 5/12/2016

Not without paying fate, you may want to ask someone for help, I know I can spare 30 at least.

I would very much appreciate any you have to spare, I certainly can’t get away with buying any fate. (Budget is quite tight at the moment)

Coins sent! (60, in case anyones keeping track)
edited by suinicide on 5/12/2016

Hello. I also had coins to spare, I’ve sent 30.

Thank you friend, I appreciate it!

I’ve got a whole bunch of coins, though I’m currently in the Exceptional Story and won’t be able to send them until I’ve completed this section.

Wasn’t sure how many you require, but if you’ve got 60 from Suinicide, and 30 from Ludovico, then the additional 60 from myself should get you as far as 150 coins.

(If it turns out you’ve got more than you need, pay it forward to the next person who requires them rather than sending them back my way. ^_^ )

I believe the requirements is 77. And I gather they remain a requirement farther down the line as well (initially just a check, but later for a payment).

The story says that you need to stake 77 coins to play the game, so presumably you’ll need them when the game begins, but that doesn’t happen before the current content boundary.

Hm. I thought I saw someone mention having to spend them the other day. Since I’m not at the boundary myself, I take your word for it. It is worth noting that they are required for the Topsy King sections, not just the Bishop.

Yes, but i’m pretty sure after that- while there are occasional checks- a lot of the story doesn’t actually check it, though the storylet to find more coins will reappear.

Also, for future trials. Bear in mind that none of the Ambitions have an ending yet, and they’re all extremely difficult to progress. Feel free to simply focus on other content until you’ve finished everything else in the game, your Ambition will wait.