Hooded Cowl

Does anyone know of any hats that are hoods or something that covers the eyes?

Also, besides the enfranchised anchoress and spiked rosary is there any other church related grab?

edit: by covers the eyes I mean literally obscuring, not like a mask.
edited by Dean Lee on 8/4/2016

There is the Crooked Cross, which is a weapon that you get for becoming a Crooked Cross.

You were also able to get a Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger during the election by siding with the Bishop, but the Election is over.

You can get the Secular Missionary during the Feast of the Rose as a companion, if you saved her during a specific quest line. I’m not sure if she counts, though.
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thanks th! Hmm, interesting how church flavored garb seems to be just companions and weapons. Although I guess most faction related garb is.

Isn’t there another rosary you can get during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose?

Yep, the Golden Spiked Rosary.

The Semiotic Monocle covers an eye, technically.

Do keep in mind, that while the Crooked-Cross is church related, it’s something you get for helping Hell corrupt the church. Just something to consider, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I think it’s referred to as the counter-church at some point.

The weekly salary payment mentions the “counter-church.” Source: Uh… so I hear >.>

The two types of Neathglass Goggles obscure the eyes. The Patent Scrutinizer kinda does too, if you hold it right.

The Everlasting Candle is kind of church-ish. I believe that one comes from the Light Fingers ambition.