Honey Sipping Heiress

Hi All,

2 quick questions; first, how do I subscribe to a thread?

Second, I don’t want to brag, but I’ve had this thing going with a pretty good looking drug addicted rich girl (sounds pretty bad when I say it like that doesn’t it? Let’s try again)… a lovely young heiress who enjoys frequenting the honey parlors (much better!) and I just recently had her ask me to show her the underside of things. Options were to go to a bar, go thieving, shelter her from the worst of it, or break it off.

I elected to shelter her from the worst of it, succeeded, and now have my quality with her at 6 &quotDays of Honey and Roses&quot. It didn’t seem like this plot-line was resolved, but she has disappeared from my veilgarden storylets.

Is it over? Does she come back? I thought we were going to get hitched and I’d get rich!? (Not really that last bit, but I did expect some sort of resolution at least).

I think there’s a card you can draw in Veilgarden that will let you get a resolution. Just hang around there when drawing cards and you should get it eventually (and maybe a dog too if you’re lucky!).

If you’re wondering if she is an option for a spouse the answer is no, but I assure you that you would not be alone in desiring such an option to be available. Come to think of it - any new spouses would be nice. Sure, you can have your character marry another player’s character but seems like cheating considering the +1 to every stat you get from it. That, and every character is represented by the same wedding ring, so it does not look very good in your profile.

I have left my character Lukas Uller a bachelor until a new option pops up, though I probably should have just made him bi-sexual and married the Jewel Thief. Fallen London is all about options but only 2 spouses are available without paying fate and three of the other six options are the same person. That’s just my two echoes, take it as you see it.

edited by Owen Wulf on 7/8/2014