Home Waters

So… what do they mean by close to home waters?
My first mission was to find someplace close too home waters. After exploring about 2 of those lines out and about the same distance north/south I ran out of fuel. No sign of my target.

What exactly did the mission ask you to do? Home waters consists of the immediate area around Fallen London.

Word of warning: the map randomises each life, unless you bequeath your chart to your successor.

If you pay attention to the scrolling log in the bottom left, it gives a short blurb about the tile that you’re in, so even if the zee bat gets confused, you can still know that you’re close to, say, Gaider’s Mourn because it mentions pirates and Gaider’s Mourn. [li]

The Zee-bat often gets confused, however I’ve found if you mark it on your chart it’ll get the correct location (so if the bat says south and the chart says east, go east).

In my experience, ‘close to home waters’ is a terribly relative concept in Sunless Sea. I sort of expect it to mean the tiles adjacent to London, but it’s much more generous than that - it’s the word of a zalty zeefarer on Wolfstack Docks who has been to the Uttermost East. ‘Home waters’ as opposed to ‘Irem’ - but the location you seek may still be a third or even slightly more across the map (in any direction).

Just keep zailing…

I’d assume you were probably talking about Gaider’s Mourn or Demeaux Island from the admiralty commission, which I think usually spawn in the first two rows east of London.

A related question, do all the geographical indications of the game (for example, those given by the admiral to give directions for a place he wants strategic information from) change according to the map?

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Short impatient damn-you-forum-software answer: no, and if it’s for lore reasons, the game should make it clear that the Admiral’s directions can be off-base.

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