Home Comfort Items?

So i’m looking at this list:

Of the three at the top, one is a profession item, for a profession i probably won’t pursue. The other two i know how to get through some rather drawnout and expensive quests, but i honestly don’t see the point in all that work for such a miniscule bonus, so i’m not exactly raring to go for those either. Especially since i just spent all my strong backed labour on archaology supplies. (yes i know about the zailor thing, but that was faster)

Tiny stat bonuses are pointless, the bizarre/dreaded/respectable things are really what i want.
The entire rest of that list is fatelocked stuff. I understand you’re not allowed to talk much about those, but i’d like to know a few things if possible:

  1. Which content(s) each item belongs to
  2. How exclusive are these. Is it theoretically possible to get them all if i bought all the relevant stories? Or do they come from some kind of exclusive choices?

actually you can get them only at christmas (30 fate) or before entering the cave of nadir (50 fate) and no, the library and the basalt gym aren’t worth the cost

There is an option in December called snowbound which I’m sure you’ve witnessed, and if you choose to allow a Master to shovel for you (for 30 Fate) it starts you on a short story at the end of which you can choose one of many home comfort items.

Wraith, I would argue that the Library’s opportunity card makes it worthwhile.

Also, Library is not that hard to assemble once you start on Scientific Voyages at the Zee.

But when you reach the stat cap items like this will probably be the only items left to raise your stats.

hmm, these are disappointing to hear. and there i was all ready to buy an interesting story to get the khan’s tea set or something.

i’ve not entered the nadir yet, does that seem worth buying the fate option?

it skip a phase that is expensive and the BDR isn’t bad but i haven’t entered the nadir yet

I bought the fate option to enter the nadir and don’t regret it. Since the home comforts basically cost 30, you are paying 20 fate for access instead of grinding out over 300 echoes worth of stuff. I don’t regret it. But then again, I entered the Nadir in the summer, WAY out of season for comforts. If you can still get snowbound do that, I’d say.

I highly recommend doing it at least once, because the 1 BDR becomes very valuable in the late-game, and Snowbound! will not come around again until December. I personally purchased all nine of the Home Comforts through the Nadir option, and sold the extra Cinders for cash.

However, I’m a bit notorious for advocating “throw Fate at it” as a solution for all troubles in this game, so take that with a grain of salt.

If you are looking for max no fate stats, the shrine is a pretty good item to have. It is also the only way to have the maximum amount of dreaded without fate.

When I was about that stage of the game, I looked at what was available to me and decided to ignore it. The fate-locked BDR items are nice for BDR purposes, but unless you’ve got every other BDR option exhausted, it’s not necessarily worth going for unless you’re ready to drop some Fate on it. There’s no harm in leaving the slot empty, after all. :-)

That’s my thoughts on it, anyway.

[quote=the truthseeker][li]Regarding the Gym and Library, I’d grind them after you get the rest of the BDR items. ASs noted, it eventually will be what you use to grind Dangerous/Watchful after the rest of your methods are slow. Just watch Wounds/Nightmares respectively. And even when you cap your stats, a 1.5 E option on a card is just fine.[/quote][/li][li]Personally, as a non-completionist, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the only non-fate, non-profession, +watchful equip in that slot, I’d want to be able to sell/trash the library. I know it’d seem like a huge waste, but i got my use out of it, and i can’t use it very well.[/li][li]I’d say Buying BDR gear with fate is more worth it if you’re highly invested in deck optimization, such as selling your soul to devils at the ####-poor option of intimate with devils.

I know a lot of people disagree, but I personally would not pay 50 Fate for the Nadir. 400 echoes is extremely easy to get with a little grinding (at the point in the game which you would be entering the Nadir) and 50 Fate is A LOT of Fate. You could buy an actual story with that, possibly even 2 or 3.

I agree with truthseeker - people start the Nadir at all sorts of points in the game. I did mine pre-POSI, so 400 echoes wasn’t something to sneeze at.

Mysteries of the Foreign Office (20 Fate)
(mutually exclusive)
Collection of Discomfiting Photographs
Tapestry from the Elder Continent

Christmas 2013/Nadir
Extraordinary Drinks Cabinet
Terrifying Weathercock
White Glim Telescope
Probably a Coincidence
(Thoroughly Cowed Pony)

Dadd Wing (Sunless Sea Backer Content)
(mutually exclusive?)
A Painting entitled ‘Ambition’
A Painting entitled ‘Self-Interest’
A Painting entitled ‘Contentment’

Christmas 2014/Nadir
Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight
Mostly Stuffed Bound Shark

Christmas 2015/Nadir
The Khan’s Tea Set
Luxury’s Lap
edited by Cecil on 1/19/2016

The Library can be obtained much more cheaply with enough notes from a scientific expedition. The Nadir option is mostly good in that it’s possible year-round. Aside from that it’s basically the same as any other option to skip grinding, though it is noteworthy for being repeatable until entering the Nadir and being by far the best EPA option in the game (though obviously not the best Echo Per Fate option).

Huh. I think I did Nadir fairly early as a POSI but I did have 400 echoes lying around in low level items like 30k moon pearls (I did do it before buying any of the BDR gear, which I probably wouldn’t recommend now). I remember being so bad in Revolutionary until recently I bought a connected item for them (but I had no Rubbery Men either so I wasn’t dealing with Conflict Cards). Particularly if you’ve run some of the longer Running Battle/Carving a Reputation sequences multiple times, it can add up.

I’ve had fairly low C: Revolutionaries most of my time in FL, hovering around 25 or so. Hallowmas pushed that to 150. Ah well, waiting many months to enter the Nadir wouldn’t be worth not spending one week on grinding skulls.

Which action in the Nadir gives you the Fur Robes?