Holy Bottleneck Batman!

I’m currently very far into the game with my second captain, amassed over 20k cash right now, beat every officer quest except the Tireless Mechanic. Right now I’m 6/7 of the way done finding the colors for the first curator I’ve had this quest since the start of the game and had to complete half a dozen others to even get to this point… But now after I quick glance on the wiki I realize that one of the sources for the final color is locked off to me due to finishing a quest line and now being unable to access a city, great. The only other source requires me to go to Venderbright get and event that has a 5% chance of occurring and then succeed in a 33% skill check on pages. Which means that I have a 1.6% chance of getting this event and it granting me the item I need to complete the quest.

So now right at the end of the longest quest in the game I’m cursed with this terrible grind where I have to shuttle myself from Venderbright to London over and over and over only to fail when it finally comes up. This isn’t even a grind there’s no real gameplay besides going from point A to point B and hoping I get lucky. I feel like that it is a really terrible design for the quest when someone can easily get stuck in this frustrating situation, I’ll most likely just give up on it and hope I get lucky when I’m randomly in Venderbright.

I’m only bringing this up because this has happened to me a lot where I have to wait on a random event to get an item to advance a questline, most of the time it isn’t that bad because I’m actually traveling around the ocean and don’t really feel like I’m doing some monotonous task. I think that there should really be a look at separating major questlines from random events or at least add an additional circumstance so a player cannot get totally locked out of acquiring a quest item before they even know it exists.
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If i understand your problem correctly… i’ll give you a hint:

“A sullen viric glow leaks from within. Sometimes it rattles. Best not to open it.”

Ask your mechanic, he should know ;)

Remember that a wiki is edited by volunteers. It is not always up to date.

I am personally a little put off of editing it at the moment because of certain reasons, but once they are cleared up, I intend to help out some myself.

[quote=Frenzgyn]If i understand your problem correctly… i’ll give you a hint:

&quotA sullen viric glow leaks from within. Sometimes it rattles. Best not to open it.&quot

Ask your mechanic, he should know ;)[/quote]

You sir, are the person I would eat last if you were on my crew! You just saved me from being resigned to a miserable fate. Thanks man. Should have thought of those pesky mirror loving reptilians.

Having that box, talk with the Magician to have an… hilarious reaction.

Unfortunately he came back as a snake. I wanted the engine plans. So I ate him.

Oh. Well. All shall be well.