His Extraordinarily Confused Lordship

His Amused Lordship bought up a whole bunch of wine to hold a mighty revel, then sold it off again when the new year was cancelled, then bought it back to hold a party for the museum.

But despite that last, he’s also still selling it off, at a loss, one cellar at a time. Is this just the treachery of hours muddying the order of events, or is it time for others in London to intervene and help the poor man clarify precisely how much wine he has, and how much he needs?


I was wondering about that myself, it’s a funny sort of detail. I hope this reminder doesn’t make them retire the card, though, since it’s rather good.

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Is he a good guy or a bad guy? I’m thinking of letting him be my patron for the Dilmun Club.

I’m sure as soon as the event ends that card will get replaced with a new card commemorating this year’s event. The details on when that would happen may just have been a bit fuzzy when that storylet was written

He’s a decent egg. A bit of a snob at times - he is still a lord, after all - but basically a good fellow.

His Amused Lordship is consistently fun and I like him.

We’re talking about the New Year’s card, mind you. The one from last summer I think has likely already been retired, I haven’t seen it in some time. And yes, they told us there’d be a new one starting this week.

I just got and played the card just a moment ago; “Preparations for a Vast Revel remains unchanged, at 7811”. (Well, it dropped ever so slightly, but not enough for that number to change.) Maybe the last time I draw it?

“Calendrical Confusion”, the card with the option to “purchase wine at cut-rate prices”, is the New Year event card. I’m still getting it regularly, hence my initial post (intended more as a joke than a serious question), and expect it to be available until Christmas or thereabouts, when it will quietly withdraw to make room for … whatever chaos happens next time people suggest to the Empress that perhaps the next year ought to have a different number.

The card that’s gone is “The Aftermath of the Great Sink”, with its hugely valuable 5cp of someone is coming - hopefully we’re expecting a similarly lucrative replacement card to start turning up once this event is officially over tomorrow lunchtime.

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Definitely at the better end of “extremely wealthy Victorian noblemen”.


Ah, that one-- yes, I haven’t seen it in a while. Though I was never sure if it was “gone” gone, or the RNG was just having its fun. Makes sense for it to be actually gone though.

The unlock requirements did have a countdown timer saying how many weeks it had left. Or a count-up timer. It was available for 48 weeks total