Hinterland Scrip

Hello all.
I’ve been wanting to start on the railway content for quite a while now, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting the necessary Hinterland scrip to do so.
As far as I can tell, the only way to get any at all without already having the railway is by selling a skeleton with a thorned ribcage to Miss Plenty, or a viric frock to the Author of Gothic Tales. Well, I don’t have anywhere near enough Dreaded/Respected to talk to the Author, and as far as I can see the only way for me to get a thorned ribcage is from a rare success abandoning hunts in Parabola.
Are these genuinely my only options? Because they seem very specific and finicky if so, and I find it hard to believe that everyone has done that.

Thanks in advance

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Any skeleton sold to Mrs Plenty or the Author will give scrip - as will a humanoid skeleton sold to a constable.

Oh really? I wasn’t aware of that, thank you.
The skeleton does require some menace for you to he able to sell it to her in the first place though doesn’t it? Do you have any recommendations?

Mrs P does, yeah. The constable doesn’t, but he isn’t always available - he’s on a randomiser that changes when you attend the Carpenter’s Granddaughter’s lectures. As for menacing bones, you can get horned skulls from Bullbone Island, or stingers from Sophia’s or the Geology of Winewound card if you’re working with a ribcage that allows a tail.

Thank you, that really is a lot of help. I actually just tried one with a horned skull, but fool that I am I strapped surface deer femurs to it and was confused when it didn’t have menace, had to disassemble it.
But anyway, that should do me, so thank you very much

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