Lore discussion. Why do hill movers qualify as contraband?

My first reaction is befuddlement why anyone would need an explanation of why industrial-grade demolition supplies are subject to regulation.

But on reflection, you do have a point: explosives out to be regulated but not outright illegal. And most of the items in the Contraband categories are diamonds and Neathbow colors. And gunpowder is in Goods, so explosives are totally fine.

So now I’m leaning towards the fact that it’s from Parabola. It’s part of the Is-Not, and that makes it against certain types of laws above and beyond regular explosives.


In other words, it’s not a “contraband” in the mundane laws sense, but simply “something smuggled from Is-Not to Is”.

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Making it cosmic contraband.


Cosmic contraband. Those are two words I never thought I’d see together. Also I never knew they were explosive, the description text is misleading…