High Quality Game: Community of Dog

Hey guys!

I was in an internet chat room with a friend, and he said, “If you like Storynexus so much, why don’t you CREATE A WHOLE GAME IN A DAY?”

So I present to you: Community of Dog


  • You own a dog.[/li][li]A detailed DOCS (Dog Owner Creation System).[/li][li]A cast of hundreds of characters![/li][li]Burgers

This game is very short, should probably take around 50 actions to finish. I am writing the ending right now as we speak. If you playtest it, there should be two main paths that lead to the “Endgame” location. Let me know if either of them are unfinishable!
edited by garcia1000 on 3/15/2013

I’m testing the game right now. The text is funny n_n and your little easter egg about You Know What is very cool ! =D I obviously chose to find it. ;)

Ok, great, the game is now fully playable and has three different endings.

Did I mention it features a cast of hundreds of characters?

Is this game intended to be a parody or companion piece to Doghunt? Forgive me if I’m missing a joke…but you’re either nailing Doghunt or completely ripping it off!
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Hey guys! I never even heard of Doghunt what is that. Anyway this is a game about the life of a dog owner, and you can interact with dog owner community. Later I’m going to add a detailed dog owner creation system.

Doghunt: “A factual look into the life of dog.”, “What terrors lie in the minds of men?”
Community of Dog: “A factual look into the life of dog owners.”, “What thoughts lie in the minds of dog?”

It’s hard for me not to think that this is some kind of joke or parody after reading the descriptions. Haven’t played Community of Dog though.
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Oops, I forgot to remove “key of dreams” from an important storyline always-available card. If you’ve been feeling stuck, it should be fine now!

Then why are a lot of the cards and items so similar?

Then why are a lot of the cards and items so similar?[/quote]

Thanks! The dog owner creation system I mentioned is now LIVE. You get it whenever you start a new character. Enjoy!

Actually, this world was the inspiration for Doghunt. It’s existed for a while, I think (since January at least), but it was unpublished. I stumbled on it by mistake when I was randomly typing URLs to find these forums.

Ah, okay, that clears up matters =)

What? I created it yesterday, and it was always set to private. There’s no way you could have seen this game at any time before that. Probably Failbetter would be able to check the records to confirm?

Just guessing here - eyerolls - but I think Kadir and Garcia might be the same person, trying to stir up a little controversy.

For the record, I think both games are funny :) I am so very, very close to finding out what my dog’s name is…

[color=#009900]I think Kadir is talking about DogOwnerHunt, which was (I believe?) the inspiration for both Doghunt and Community of Dog.[/color]
[color=#009900]In completely unrelated news, look for Failbetter’s upcoming Huntdog, which will feature[/color]
[color=#009900]* a detailed hunt creation system![/color]
[color=#009900]* factual facts about hunting dogs[/color]
[color=#009900]* hunt dogs with dogs[/color]
[color=#009900]and is in no way connected to any of the other games discussed on this thread.[/color]

Lady Red, Kadir is flattered but location IP checks should clearly show we are in different parts of the world. Because of that fact, it means we are not the same person. Alexis, thanks for clearing it up, and yes, my game is based on DogOwnerHunt. Good luck with Huntdog!

Cheated! shakes fist Oh! And where are the cast of hundreds of characters? I demand my money back.

I think the time is ripe for a game that eschews dogs and contains a detailed cat creation system. Down with dogs!

Did you seek the name? The cast of hundreds of characters you desire is not found along that path.

grin I did! By the way, I don’t seem to have an option to reset my character so I can play a different ending - the final storylet still shows up.

Oh wow that is embarrassing, I forgot to set the game end parameter for that card. Thanks for catching it!
Try it again, it should end it now. One of the other ending paths was similarly not set, but I fixed that too. Try the ending cards again if they didn’t end the game for you previously.
edited by garcia1000 on 3/15/2013

Thanks! Will do when my actions refresh.