Hidden Gameplay Change: Wines and Intoxication

[edit: Oh dear, I think I put this in the wrong forum. Could a kind moderator please move it over to the Bazaar?]
I’ve noticed a small change to the wines items. They all have a quirk representing intoxication, which differs based on the type of drink:
Greyfields 1882: 1
Morelways 1872: 1
Strangling Willow Absinthe: 3 (!)
Broken Giant 1844: 2
Cellar of Wine: 7
Fourth City Airag: Unknown
M_____'s B____: 9
Black Wings Absinthe: 4
Greyfields 1868 First Sporing: 2
Bottled Oblivion: 2

Does anyone know what this variable does?

edited by MrUnderhill89 on 11/8/2015

We’ve been talking it over here. Short answer: it’s new and we don’t know what it does yet!