Hi All

I can’t believe I only just heard about Fallen London; I saw Sunless Sea pop up on steam as being &quotset in Fallen London&quot and I’d never heard of that setting before, so I googled it and found out about the game. Love it so far, even going to do the $5 subscription thing I think (is there a way to automate it every month?)

Anyway, just found the forums here too, thought I’d say hello! :)

Not automated per se, but you can extend your subscription befor eyour time is up without losing any days. (It will also give you an action refresh when used, so you might as well time it right.)

Also, welcome aboard, Delicious Friend!

Awesome, thanks :)

Will I continue to accrue turns if I log out or should I leave the browser open and logged in at all times?

You can log out - your actions cap at 20 or 40 if you are an exceptional friend. Actions refresh about 1 per 10 minutes.

You can only have 6 cards waiting in your deck though so if you can check in hourly you can maximise using those, but it is not necessary.

So I’ve gone ahead and become an exceptional friend… I’ve headed over to this &quotHouse of Chimes&quot

Looks like there is a ton of options for this initial choice…

I’ve done a quick google search but there seems to be nothing but spoiler tags…

Any advice?
I’m super curious about this &quotPossibly a Lunatic&quot option, that says it’s bad, and has something to do with a Mr. Eaten thing.
I like the idea of the &quotI know a man&quot choice, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have Connected: Bazzar 5 for a long time yet.
The one that really intrigues me though is &quotRoyal Blood&quot choice, only costs 1 fat and I happen to have some left over from becoming exceptional.

Mr. Eaten and those Seeking his Name are dangerous lunatics, even by the standards of a city that considers Jack Of Smiles’ (Jack the Ripper’s) antics more entertaining and endearing than horrific.

Also all of that content (SMEN- short for Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name)) is currently locked off pending a rewrite and integration into the rest of the game proper. The story behind that is complicated and I’ll leave it to someone else to explain, as it was shut down just when I’d started playing myself.

The other choices are mostly cosmetic, as best as I can tell. If I’m mistaken, hopefully someone will come around with the correct information for you.

Inside are several stories, although much of the story content is dependent on other stories that you likely haven’t even seen yet, such as the Regretful Soldier and the affair with all those spiders. I don’t want to spoil anything, though.

Personally, I went with the Royal Bastard option, but that’s because the back story for this character does have him as such, although from a far foreign land.