Hey, wait a second...

…how long has the favicon / shortcut icon for this forum been St. Gawain’s Candle?

… why are you all looking at me like that? And how come your skin seems so… waxy? What’s with all the neckerchiefs? Wait, who’s that in the back of the chapel–

The forum doesn’t want to show me its icon. I guess it’s shy.

Huh. It’s just the Failbetter backwards F for me. Maybe your computer is haunted by St Gawain.

For me, it’s the StoryNexus icon. Interesting that there should be differences.

Each of you are saying something different. Out of curiosity, which browsers are you using?

I doubt this is intentional, but could this possibly be anything like the xkcd comic Umwelt, which appears differently depending on which software you’re using to view the page?

(I’m using Firefox 38.0.5 and, like Sara Hysaro’s experience, no icon is shown to me.)

Firefox 37.0.1: no icon for me, neither.
edited by MrUnderhill89 on 6/28/2015

I’m using Chrome 43.0.2357.124 – but the icon only shows up for me on the main page of the Bazaar forum: http://community.failbettergames.com/forum9-the-bazaar.aspx

Then again, I feel like I’ve seen a glitch happen before where the favicon / shortcut icons of two different sites get mixed up in the browser cache. So that could account for the disparities, or icons of varying ages in people’s caches could. I suspect some serendipitous cache leakage because the exact same favicon shows up for Spacemarine9’s Sunless Sea tumblr: http://saint-beau.tumblr.com/