Hesperidean Apple!?

It involved a Searing Enigma and a long trip to Irem. What do I do with it now?

enjoy it for a very long time…

So it has no use yet?

Didn’t even know you could get one, I know what it does in Fallen London, but I’ve not seen one yet in Sunless Sea, how did you come by it?

Buy it at Irem for a Searing Enigma and a bag of Coffee.
The one in FL is Cider, this new one in SS is an Apple, I’m curious about the difference.

I think it might be for the newly updated Father’s Bones legacy questline, though it would be interesting to know if it’s useful for characters who didn’t select that particular legacy.

Ah and there we go, an update gives you the option of eating the apple to cure all wounds and reduce all terror while you have a glorious fit of divine madness on your ship. The description even mentions how the raw apple isn’t as good as the fermented elixir version. A last resort healing item.
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It took me forever to realize items with green outlines could be interacted with. It all makes sense now :)