Help with Stone's Curse & Years At Zee

I don’t usually bother with achievements, but I love Sunless Sea enough that I actually find myself wanting to get all of them! I need some help, though. As of today I have all but Stone’s Curse and 10 Years at Zee.

Stone’s Curse is by far the most elusive for me. I checked the Wiki, and it says you can receive this by going to Frostfound and fumbling in the dark, but I think this might be wrong. Doing this has only given me Salt’s Curse(When I fail the luck challenge) or Storm’s Curse(When I pass the luck challenge). Has anyone received this curse before? Where/how did you get it?

10 Years At Zee seems fairly straightforward, but I have concerns. The wiki says you get this when your &quotTime the Healer&quot quality reaches 3650, but mine is only 173! Considering I have already unlocked 5 Years at Zee with this same lineage, I’m worried something may be wrong. Salt’s Curse did cause me to loose my Scion a while back, but I quickly re-completed that story and got a new one before I died to make sure I didn’t lose anything. Would that have caused me to lose my progress towards this achievement? If so that really sucks, because I’ve completed almost every story - I only have Port Carnelian and Exaltation left! That’s not nearly enough content to get 10 more years of play, and I really don’t want to just sit in port and wait for the years to go by.

I would appreciate any information you guys have.
edited by rndmnumgenerator on 5/17/2015