Help with SotC

I recently decided to go for SotC, but without opportunity cards I was able to get it up to 3, and I’ve also already finished the University story. Do some Correspondence-related storylets reappear there after going on a voyage of scientific discovery or becoming a PosI? If not, how can I grind SotC now?

Seeking Curios in the Forgotten Quarter has an airs dependent option that takes SotC up to 7, you will get nightmares though.

If you can get into court there is an option there which will take it to 10.

After that you need Shadowy Dealings at the University.

Creating a ‘somewhat challenging’ Symphony in the Empress’ Court will help raise your SotC.
It won’t be a fast process by any stretch of the imagination, but it will get you from 1->10 (So long as you already have a point in SotC.)

Just be sure to repeatedly turn down the Veteran Privy Counsellor’s request when your ‘Carving out a Reputation at Court’ gets too high (you can’t miss it, when that happens), or else you’ll be banished from the place.

Also, if you have not yet done Solving cases around London, only bring your SotC to 9 and 9CP in court, then let the conclusion of Solving cases around London bump you to SotC 10 and 2CP.

If you’re willing to spend fate, you can do the Animal Husbandry line in the Labyrinth of Tigers. One of the animals has a card that can boost SotC (well, two of them, but one is much easier to get than the other).