Help With Scandal

Hi all,

So I’ve spent a lot of time doing the repeatable actions (chasing cats, bumping old ladies out of coaches, sleeping around veilgarden) but I’ve recently started taking part in what seem to be longer stories.

As an example, right now I’m working through The Curate and His Sister, which seems to be a long and ongoing story; I’ve put many many actions into it and it’s reasonably interesting.

There’s a couple catches; firstly I think I may not be entirely ready for it, my persuasive is quite high relative to my other stats and I make it even more so with my items (in order to avoid failing the checks in the story). The second, and more pressing, problem is that my scandal is really starting to get out of hand due to failed checks.

I had this to read on the &quotmanaging menaces&quot thread :

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]&quotScandal is more problematic, in my opinion. The Tomb-Colonies are difficult to get out of compared to the other areas (there’s no free, repeatable storylet that reliably reduces Scandal). However, Scandal is the easiest Menace to get rid of; if you are sufficiently Admired, you can reduce it to 0 even if it’s at 7. And you [/color]will[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)] be swimming in Admired points after a while on the Persuasive path. (It’s not used for much else, so don’t worry about using it up.)[/color] &quot

That isn’t the most helpful for me at the moment though. Especially since I don’t know what this &quotAdmired&quot quality is that is being mentioned. Should I just keep moving forward and make a trip to the tomb colonies when my scandal gets too high?

Here is my current character :

Watchful 20 [can be up to +8]
Shadowy 21 (-1) [can be up to +3]
Dangerous 18 (-2) [can be up to +6]
Persuasive 38 (+10) [can be up to +10]

Wounds 2
Scandal 6
Nightmares 5
Bizarre 0 + 1
Influence 2

Thanks :)

PS: Can I store up &quotfree evenings&quot or do they reset to 5 each week?

I expect the Admired quality is the old Making Waves system which you used to be able to cash in to reduce scandal, unfortunately that is no longer possible…

If you got to your lodgings there are a couple of things you can do when your scandal reaches 3 or more.

One is to attend a church service but this can be a gamble as there is a chance that it will actually raise your scandal slightly.

Or there are a couple of social actions under Attend to matters of Society and Scandal. Feel free to send me a couple of dupes (this will reduce your scandal slightly more than the other option) but be careful with them and let me know that it is a dupe so I don’t take my scandal too high.

There are cards that will reduce it as well. But off the top of my head I can’t remember which are available early game except the church/hell conflict card that starts appearing if you have at least 5 of each connection- side with the church.

Looks like you could do with some help for nightmares as well - once again social actions can help.

Free Evenings don’t stack - 5 is the cap

I can confirm that Admired is old-time Making Waves.
The action hinted at is Laugh off scandal! Of course, it is retired.

Going to menace areas can be exciting at first–you get to see new content and often get access to items. But the Tomb Colonies is a bit of a hassle now because it affects quirks–hedonist and austere, namely. It also relies on cards–or losing Persuasive and items. (Fyi, if you want to reduce scandal, you should try to fail the pinned persuasive challenge. Winning will raise both the stat and scandal.) But if you do end up hitting 8 scandal, it’s not the end of the world.
As for the church, if you have actions to burn you can repeat the action. Do it enough times and you’ll have a net loss in scandal.

Once you have access to the Shuttered Palace (I know it’s a little while off, but bear with me) you can raise your Connection: The Duchess. This has few uses in game, but one of them is to exchange some for Scandal Reduction in the Tomb-Colonies…

Thanks guys,

I just made nice and went to church a few times :)