Help with Mr. Eaten?

A few months ago I started Mr. Eaten’s quest, then used the item to drop out of it. I put the game down for a few months, and the first thing I noticed when I resumed playing today is that my Unaccountably Peckish stat was at 6. It’s either a bug, or I accidentally re-started the quest. Is there any way to drop out at this stage?

There was a bug around Halloween which caused people to spontaneously gain UP during Time the Healer, and it increases naturally every week once you have it. So that’s probably what happened. I think if you contact support they can fix it for you.

If you have access to the first coil of the Labyrinth take some refreshments to lower your UP.

Also just because you have UP doesn’t mean you are Seeking, there are a few cards around that give 1 or more levels of UP even to non-seekers.

If I’m not mistaken you could also just pull the ACE OF HUNGERS and TWO OF BATS and pick the options that lower UP, since they have no penalty. Well, 10 Rostygold for the ace I guess.

Oh, that was a bug? I figured it was part of the mechanic, what with insatiable hunger inevitably growing with time rather than decreasing. I must admit I’m a little disappointed.

It is WAI that it increases every week. It was a bug that people randomly got it.