Help with Hedonism

How does one increase their hedonism from 9 to 10? I ask because I’m trying to trying to get my horoscope cast at the carnival as the Hedonist. I don’t want to move out of the Carnival for fear of losing the card, but I don’t know of many places to get hedonism over 9.

Pretty sure you can move around London without losing the card. Now, there’s a few options for increasing Hedonist to 10, but unless you are already pretty Intimate with Devils or need a large amount of Greyfields 1879 (Mr Wines is having a sale) your best bet is to drink a lot of Laudanum.

Laudanum caps at 9, I do believe. And while I also think Intimate with Devils goes over 10, I lost my soul and now have IwD: 20, so I don’t get any more opportunity cards from that storyline. The only ones I can think of that I don’t think cap below 9 are the sales Mr. Wines holds and the Scandalous Party option on the Tower of Eyes card. I can’t confirm, though, so I’m just loitering around the Carnival drawing cards like there’s no tomorrow.

If you bring your Indulging in a Less than Laudable Laudanum Habit up to 3 you can increase Hedonist up some more. Though that requires you to be a POSI, so that option might take a while.

The scandalous party option on “The Tower of Eyes” card now caps at Hedonist 9. Use the bulk purchase option on the “Mr Wines is holding a sale!” card to reach 10; it caps at 11. I’ve tested both options within the past 2 months to confirm their caps.

New options unlock for F.F. Gebrandt’s Superior Laudanum if you get your laudanum habit high enough: 3, 5 and 8. They’re supposed to boost your hedonism score to very high limits. The option that unlocks at Indulging a Less than Laudable Laudanum Habit 8 has a cap of 21, but that may no longer be true since the recent revision for Quirk caps.

There should be an option at Habit 100 which gives you a permanent Menace of -30 to all your attributes for being a laudanum-breathing wreck. :P

Thank you sir, I now have my new long-term goal for FL.

You’re welcome, lad. Everyone should have a lofty goal.

Actually, once I become a PoSI, I’m going to attempt “suicide by laudanum” in order to bump up my “Approaching the Gates of the Garden”. The things people do to join secret societies…