Help with Heart's Desire

I did the quest where you sail into and out of the mouth of the serpent, and I should have the deck in my possessions, but I can’t find it. Also, I have no idea how to move onto the next quest. Is it a card? Do I have something in my inventory that unlocks it? Stumped.

You need to talk with Pages again to continue, somewhere in your Lodgings or Bazaar Sidestreets. You then need to go set up the venue by talking with the other players and prepare to go to Arbor (Dream of Roses card).

I’ve done all that. I just don’t know what to do next. I know the venue and have talked to all the other players. Do I just need to wait for the Dream of Roses card then?

Yes, you need to wait for the Dream of Roses card to show up on your deck in order to continue.

Thanks. :-)

If you have acces to your own lab, you can do a 2 action deck refresh by entering and leaving your lab. This might help if you want to continue fast.

I went through the whole quest about consecrating the deck and all that, but I can’t find it in my inventory. Did something happen, or is it not supposed to show up?

Afaik it’s shown under Myself, not unter Pocessions.