Help with Colony Ambition [potential spoilers]

Greeting Delicious Friends! I have been working on completing the various endings and ambitions in Sunless Sea, and this captain decided to found their colony at Aestival (while cloaked in shadows). Trouble is now that I have everything needed, I seem to be stuck?

I just obtained Dawn’s Law and zailed to Aestival (which is parallel with London) so I could at least install Dawn’s Law. I have SAY (Beachcombing and Gathering Supplies are both available); however, there is nothing showing up for installing Dawn’s Law or even remotely discussing the colony itself. :|

I checked my journal and the only thing it says is to bring something that can protect against sunlight to the island. I did but it won’t prompt me to do anything. I resorted to looking up a guide and on wiki it is broken down as two steps: installing the Dawn’s Law (Dawn’s Law + 10x Supplies - I have) and Founding (50x Supplies and 10x crew (I have precisely 50 supplies on me and plenty of crew).

EDIT: After exiting the game and loading an earlier save, ensuring I have 60 supplies, and heading back it worked. Not sure what happened but YAY! `
edited by kalhalla on 5/1/2017