Help: stuck in the Labyrinth of Tigers

This may not be the right place to ask, but I can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or experiencing a bug in the game. I started playing years ago and around 2014, I pursued the Labyrinth of Tigers storyline. However, I stopped playing because I was effectively trapped there; I made it to the Fourth Coil, but I don’t have enough Nightmares to capture the Hyena, I’m told I can capture beasts in other areas, but I can’t find a way to leave. Every time I get back to the entrance, there’s no exit from the storyline, and none of my items work. However, since it’s been a few years since I started this… I honestly can’t remember what I was doing or how to go on, and I don’t want to pay to be an Exceptional Friend again unless I can get unstuck. Is there something obvious I’m missing, or did I get stuck in a loop?
edited by aichudechu on 2/24/2019

You can travel to other areas normally using the map from anywhere in the labyrinth. You (thankfully) don’t have to go back to the entrance floor every time you want to go there.

Thank you - it’s been so long and I’ve never used the mobile version before, and I felt like I was missing something obvious but also… it was a Labyrinth, so…

If you’re looking to raise Nightmares then, aside from social actions and regular storylets, you could talk to your Starveling Cat (if you have one) - and counteract the Wounds gain from that by taking a bottle of F.F. Gebrandt’s Tincture of Vigour and draining it dry.