Help - Resigning

I accidentally resigned from my notable profession as an agent after having spent fate to get the favourable circumstances card, then spending it to get the relevant card. Is there any way I can get back either my profession or the fate I spent on getting the favourable circumstances card?

You can get any Notable profession through the card An Unsigned Message, unlocked with Notability 1. The so-called Tier 3 professions, including Agent, require Notability 2 alongside the relevant lower-tier profession; the Tier 4 professions require Notability 5 and the respective Tier 3 profession. For example Watcher is a Tier 2 profession and is upgraded to Agent and then Midnighter. (There’a also unentangled professions, requiring Notability 2 or 3 and no profession for no profession item and 60 or 70 echoes a week, respectively.)

Unfortunately Failbetter’s policy is to not refund Fate spent or lost through misclicks.

As a rule, you shouldn’t spend Fate to get something you could get through gameplay or luck. Favorable Circumstances can be attained through gameplay AND replace luck, so they are doubly bad uses for your money. I recommend being a little more patient as you work your way back from the starting jobs up to Agent. Start by becoming a Watcher using either the Constables’ card or the Great Game’s.