Help request, pointer towards gunpowder recipe?

Hello. I am trying to figure out how one researches the recipe for Perfumed Gunpowder. I’ve looked in the game Wiki but can’t find the prerequisites. Can someone in the know please point me in the right direction for this? Do I need a minimum Lab Prestige? Get the project from the Dean? Help would be appreciated, thank you.
This is the project in lab. You need 1 x Perfumed Gunpowder first.

Which you can get from Disambiguate the Eolith lab project.
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I have added a wiki note to the page for Research the Formula for Perfumed Gunpowder in response to your query. I noticed that the viewer has to make multiple clicks just to get to the page that shows how to begin the research.

Thank you. I have 3 Perfumed Gunpowder but the project is not showing up in the list of projects I can start. Is there a minimum level of equipment required? I currently have level 4 and getting to 5 would require 100 Perfumed Gunpowder. Which is kind of hard to get AFAIK without the recipe.

From what you’ve described, it should be available to research. All I can think of is A: you already completed the project, but forgot (not likely, but just to be 100% sure - you don’t have the formula in your inventory, and manufacturing gunpowder isn’t available in your laboratory?), or B: it’s a bug, and you should email!

facepalm You’re right Diptych, I had already researched it and forgot. I can’t make any gunpowder because I’m having trouble building skeletons to sell for the ingredients. My apologies everyone. slinks away in shame

I’ve never built a skeleton, because it’s a faff. But I have made gunpowder. The blooms can be gained in the bone market without making a whole skeleton, as can the nightsoil.