Help! Labyrinth of Tigers

I seem to be stuck in coil two of the labyrinth of tigers. There are locked options that require my navigating to be 16 but I can’t see any way to advance this. Im locked into dealing with penguin romance issues or giving guided tours, neither of which advance me. How do I move on?? My acquiring exhibits is currently 5 (though I can’t see how to return to coil one to increase this - if that’s what I need to do?) can anyone advise?

I think you need to head back to the first coil to continue on. There should be a storylet called “Leaving the second coil” that will bring you back to the first coil. This is the storylet within the First Coil that will allow you to move onto the 3rd coil. If your Dangerous is lower than 104 (with equipment) you might need to raise it up before you can move on.

With the new Dangerous Tracker you need a Name Scrawled in Blood 6 and A Procurer of Savage Beasts 5 to be able to do anything in the Labyrinth (you can find out what bot qualities are in the story section on the Myself tab). So you might need to go hunt some more beasts for Mr Inch.
edited by reveurciel on 10/18/2015

She probably has the Name Scrawled in Blood as 6 since she is already in the second coil.

The answer is what Sara Hysaro suggested. You need to go back to the First coil, increase your The Hunt is On … to 8 or so which will open up a storylet to increase your Navigating. Do this 3 or 4 times and it will open up the storylets in the second coil.

Thank you! Yes, my name scrawled in blood is 6, but procurer of beasts only 3 so will increase that. I don’t have a storylet option to leave the second coil, but perhaps it will appear once my procurer of beasts is 5…

Thanks all.

Do you have a screenshot? There should be a direct option to leave the second coil for the first coil. I don’t think it should be unavailable.

There wasn’t…but when as Lady Ciel suggested I raised my Procuring For Mr Inch it appeared! I think I was a bit knocked back my the new Name Scrawled In Blood…on the plus side it reduced all my wounds to zero (!) and they were quite high and I’m now back in the labyrinth game. Thanks v much all.