Help! I've forgotten where to find the cab!

Hello friends, need a little hand there.

I started the latest Exceptional Story yesterday and I got to the point where I need to take cab car somewhere. That’s unfortunately all I remember because it was late at night and I was rather sleepy already, how silly of me. Now I d__n can’t find the b___y cab! I vaguely recall it should be waiting at Watchmakers Hill but nu-uh, it’s not there. I’ve looked for it through what felt like whole London but no success. Would anyone kindly give me direction?

P.S. I hope I’m not violating the no-spoiler-on-fate-locked rule by this…
edited by Pan Tofel on 2/17/2017

It is at Watchmaker’s Hill for me.

It has picture that looks like the Crystal Palace and says:
&quotAll aboard to the Century Exhibition!
A gleaming cable-car waits to spirit you away to the Century Exhibition…&quot

Maybe you have gone past that part and need to go somewhere else, I don’t know…

Blimey, actually it is there, waiting and all shiny. The only explanation is that some devilish tricks were played on me. Anyway, thank you.