Help for the Last Constable Meeting Storylet

During my permanence in Fallen London I encountered a problem I hope my fellow Londoners will help me solve.[li]
In Spite, under the tab &quotStudy the secret of Fallen London&quot I have the storylet &quotThe Last Constable?&quot which should allow me to meet (for the second time) this lady to help her taking care of the Cherry Man. But the choice is locked because my quality Family and Law is at level 1, and is has to be at level 0 to allow me to go on with the meeting.
I raised this blasted quality by chance because I met other &quotlike-minded peoples&quot at Watchmaker’s Hill one night and I said an officer of the law sent me there. I received my dog and the quality Family and Law went up by one.
Now I can’t meet the Last Constable, I’m already favoring her and nowhere I can switch to the Cherry Man.
Can I lower my Family and Law quality? Or I botched my only chance to meet her?
Is the feud between the two worthy enough of a restart, given that I’ve only played for a few days?
I thank in advance any and all help I’ll receive.

Do you mean Ladybones Road, not Spite? And that is very strange, since the Clandestine Rendezvous has nothing to do with the Family and Law story. When did you do this? If it was today then I would wait a couple days, as this storyline progresses through timed Messages (Living Stories). If nothing happens send in a bug report.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 7/11/2013

My bad, the meeting is in Ladybones Road. I never received any messages from living stories and I didn’t even knew any messages were going to appear. And where should they appear? My email received the message about the benefactor (I thought it was something unique) and I can send and receive invitations from a friend. Do I have to make a Twitter account?[li]
Thanks for your help.

It should appear under your messages tab if everything works correctly.

I also found the same troble. But, if I remember correctly, the Family and Law Quality increased with a choice I made during the Last Constable storyline itself. Any leads how to sort it out?

I filed a bug report but I never received any response while they did answer me about another problem. I’m going to try and email them again, as this problem is a little annoying. Hope you’ll be more lucky than me John.[li]

I have not so far. I still keep drawing Opportunity cards related to the story (Meeting the Last Constable), but the choices I made so far did not allowed me to advance in the story. I will also fill a bug report and see what happens